Pakistan tree plantation drive amid rising temperatures (PHOTOS)

Surrounded by neem saplings and vegetables sprouting up from scrubland in the Clifton district of Pakistan’s largest city Karachi, Mulazim Hussain, 61, recalls a time a few years ago when the area was a giant, informal rubbish tip.

The father of two is employed by an urban afforestation project in a gove ment-owned park in Karachi’s upmarket Clifton area that is run by Shahzad Qureshi.

He has worked on similar projects in other Pakistani cities and overseas.

It is one of dozens of state-owned and private planting initiatives in Pakistan where forest cover lags far behind average levels across South Asia.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide, emissions of which contribute to warming global temperatures.

Irfan Husain
A worker prepares planting bags for seedling plants
Mulazim Hussain, 61,
Prakash, 19, waters plants at the Clifton Urban Forest
A worker waters a portion of urban forest at Kidney Hill park in Karachi
Traffic moves under a bridge displaying a banner from the monsoon tree plantation campaign in Karachi
Pink flamingos fly past the new palm tree plantation
A person rides on a camel
Irfan Husain, 55
An aerial view