27 September 2022
සිංහල | English

Rising star Malidu Chaturanga’s big plans for his career

Malidu Chaturanga is a very popular singer these days. Many of his songs are very popular now.
So we thought to find out about his popularity as well as his latest information. This is a
conversation with him..

01. Is Malidu someone who dreamed of becoming a singer?

It was in grade 6, that music struck my heart. After that, I started studying music at the school
where I studied music until A/L. So far, I have studied up to the Wisharada Exam. With a
passion for music since my childhood, I had a big goal that I would make a character through

02. How did you start, let's talk about it briefly

This jou ey started with the guitar. It was while playing the guitar that I became interested in
music. The guitar was first practiced by my father and then I practiced on my own. After that, I
got to the point where I could sing a song by myself. Then I met my music teacher and after that
my music life changed a lot. It was during this time that I got to join the Hiru Star competition
until I reached the final twelve. After that, I started posting all my creations through my
YouTube channel. By now, I have been able to make a big breakthrough from covers. I am the
first person to get the silver play button in Sri Lanka from cover songs. There is a very humble
pride in that.

03. Why did you want to do cover songs?

I first got interested in cover songs because of the song ‘Sepalika Malai’. My cover got one
million views. After that, I thought that if I did something like that, my name would also go and
people would like it. At first, I did covers by playing the guitar. By now, I have built a small
studio. I think a lot of people like the words and the melody of the old songs. So I love those
things too, so when I take my favorite songs and recreate them as best I can, the taste of them
increases. A lot of people are responding well to it, and I'm very happy about it.

04. Is justice being done to the original artists by making cover songs?

I have never made covers thinking that doing a cover would harm the original owners. The main
reason I do cover songs is the lyrics and melody of those songs. So I will never reproduce in a
way that harms the creation or its owner. I am trying my best to keep the beauty in that song.
Respect should be given to them in the same way. I will definitely do that. Many times, original
artists call me and say that it is very beautiful. They have given me permission to sing them
anywhere. I am very happy about that.

05. Is it possible to do singing as a profession in Sri Lanka?

It is definitely possible to do singing as a profession in Sri Lanka. By now, many platforms have
been created for us to move forward through music. I chose Facebook and YouTube from the
social media. Through this, a singer can go a long way and can ea some money from these.

06. Are you someone who uses social media for popularity?
I have never made a cover for the sake of popularity. I don't do covers hoping for views. I do a
cover only if I feel the words and the melody of the song. I have not made covers for the sake of

07. If Malindu was not a singer, who would he be?

After the A/L, I joined a private university to study software engineering.  I am now in my third
year there.  If not a singer, I would definitely be a software engineer.

08. What are the new creations to come?

There are many new works to come in the future. My last song 'Hantane Taruwak' has received
good response so far. I have already completed the work on two songs. I have many original
songs to come.  I ask my dear fans to stay with me in the future.