Attention to call government employees to work 05 days a week

In view of the crisis situation caused by fuel shortage, the calling of gove ment employees was restricted.
However, since the fuel crisis in the country has been alleviated to some extent and public services are functioning, it has been observed that the public is coming to the gove ment offices as usual every working day of the week to get services.
Accordingly, the gove ment says that there is a need to maintain the activities of the gove ment offices as usual.

Due to this, it is reported that the gove ment is focusing on calling gove ment employees to work 5 days a week in order to minimize the delays caused to the people.
In view of the fuel crisis in the country, a circular was issued restricting the call-up of gove ment employees for a period of one month from last July 24.

Accordingly, after the end of the relevant period, a decision is to be taken regarding calling the public servants to work on five days a week, considering the situation in the country.
However, it is reported that the relevant secretaries have already been instructed to take the necessary steps to call the officers to work all five days of the week considering the duty requirements at the district and divisional secretariat level.