Here is the amount of fuel available for the new week

The fuel quota has been automatically updated under the QR code from 12:00 this mo ing.
According to that, the same amount of fuel issued for vehicles according to last week's QR code will be updated for this week.
Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said that after this week's data analysis, necessary changes will be made for the coming week.

Although there are speculations that the fuel quota may change, the authorities have given the same amount of fuel for this week as last week.
Currently, the fuel quota issued for each vehicle per week is as follows.
However, the decision to provide fuel for passenger transport buses through the Langama depot to fill the fuel tank of the bus is still in effect.

Meanwhile, a phone number has been introduced to inform about fuel deliveries using QR code.
That is by the Petroleum Statutory Corporation.
Accordingly, through WhatsApp number 0742 123 123, you can send your clear photos and videos with a description to that number.