Special Notice from the Election Commission

The Election Commission says that it is expected to hold a vote before March 20 next year.

Mr. Nimal G. Punchihewa, the Chairman of the Election Commission, stated that the commission will have the power to conduct the election polls after the 20th of this month according to the Local Gove ment Ordinance Act.

It was also emphasized that the local gove ment elections have been postponed for a year.

Commenting on that, the chairman requested that the commission has the power that the minister has.

The reason for that, is that no matter how good the decision of a minister is in the implementation of the election decision, sometimes it may appear that it is being implemented for a political reason.

There, the Chairman of the Election Commission emphasized on two special issues.

In other words, it was mentioned that the voter list in 2022 is expected to be certified on October 31 and the supplementary estimate is expected to be certified on November 11.

Accordingly, if a vote is announced before confirming these two, the 2021 voter list will be valid and it is hoped to announce a vote according to these dates, he added.