National Fuel Permit will be implemented nationwide from today

Energy Minister Mr. Kanchana Wijesekera says that the National Fuel Permit will be implemented nationwide from today (26).

Accordingly, Sipetco and Lanka I.O.C. located all over the island.

The Ministry of Electricity and Energy stated that the program will be implemented through the fuel station network.

Fuel station owners with technical or equipment deficiencies can distribute fuel in the specified quantities on the dates related to the last digit of the vehicle number plate until they are corrected.

However, the Ministry of Electric Power and Energy emphasized that the National Fuel Permit is the only method for obtaining fuel from the 1st of next year.

The Ministry of Electricity and Energy informs the fuel consumers to obtain the National Fuel Permit through the relevant software as soon as possible.

Organizations owning multiple vehicles will be allowed to register all vehicles through their business license and an official designated by the department heads of those gove ment organizations will be allowed to access the software and enter the data for the registration of gove ment vehicles.

The Divisional Secretaries have the opportunity to register for obtaining fuel for generators, cultivation equipment and other machines.

The ministry said that the police department and divisional secretaries will be given the opportunity to allocate the three-wheelers in their jurisdiction and register each of those three-wheelers to the fuel stations in those areas.

It has been decided to authorize the Ministry of Transport to make the necessary allocation to supply fuel for passenger transport buses through the Ceylon Transport Board's depots and selected fuel stations.

It is stated in a notification issued by the Ministry of Energy that the registrations for getting fuel required for health, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, industry and other sectors will be allowed by each ministry.

Fuel will be issued only for vehicles with last digit 0, 1, 2 today.

Fuel is issued subject to a maximum of 1,500 rupees for motorcycles, 2,000 rupees for three-wheelers and 7,000 rupees for other vehicles.