The photographer who preserved rural Indian life (PHOTOS)

Jyoti Bhatt was one of the first students of the first art school established in India after independence in 1947.

He was bo in 1934 in West Gujarat.

Bhatt has documented rural Indian culture as well as studied endangered traditional lifestyles and techniques.

In addition, he has studied at art schools in Europe and New York.

He has also become one of the most innovative mode ist photographers in South Asia.

Child with traditional wall painting on the exterior of a house in Gujarat
This photograph of Haryanvi women creating a Sanjhi mural painting, was made in the year 1977,
Wall painting showing odiya motifs, 1987
A woman from the Meena community decorating a bullock for the Govardhan festival (Rajasthan), 1969
A woman guarding a Mandana painting (Rajasthan), 1986–1987
A woman from Mithila working on the initial stages of a mural of the goddess Durga, 1977
Rajasthan artist
Mother and child in Gujarat


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