Zac Efron on playing Chickie Donohue, The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Apple TV's new movie, which stars Zac Efron and Russell Crowe, may not be traditional Oscars bait, it's worth looking beyond its somewhat trivial title.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever follows the true story of Chickie Donohue.

He is a US marine who, in 1968, travelled across the world to deliver a crate of beer to his mates who were fighting in the Vietnam War.

At that time, morale among the soldiers was low, so the New Yorker set out on a four-month jou ey with a (presumably very heavy) bag of beer on his back, to lift their spirits.

Delivering beer to enlisted men from your neighbourhood is all fun and games, until Donohue actually gets there and is confronted with the quite brutal realities of war.

Donohue himself had served four years in the Marines, but hadn't experienced combat.