01 December 2022
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President leaves on official visit to Japan and Philippines

It is said that President Ranil Wickramasinghe left the island early today (26) for an official visit to Japan and the Philippines.

The Presidential Media Section mentioned that during this two-day official visit, the President will also participate in the funeral ceremony of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe.

It is reported that President Ranil Wickremesinghe will hold bilateral talks with the current Japanese Prime Minister and Foreign Minister as well as the country's Finance Minister.

Then President Ranil Wickramasinghe is scheduled to leave for the Philippines on September 28 to preside over the meeting of the Asian Development Bank Gove ors.

There, the President is scheduled to hold talks with Philippine President Mr. Bongbong Marcos as well as Asian Development Bank President Mr. Masatsugu Asakawa.

The President's Media Division stated that President Ranil Wickramasinghe will retu to the island on September 30 after completing his official visit to Japan and the Philippines.