25 March 2023
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Indonesian video-on-demand films take world by storm

When Netflix announced the exclusive production of seven Indonesian films and series in September 2022, few expected ove ight success.

But by the end of the year, the Big Four by Timo Tjahjanto, the first film in the series, had become one of the video-on-demand giant’s most-watched films not in the English language.

Tjahjanto’s first action-comedy amassed more than 16 million viewing hours and tells the story of Dina, a strait-laced detective.

Looking for cues on the unsolved murder of her late father, she ends up on a remote tropical island, fighting for her life with the same group of down-on-their-luck secret assassins her father had once trained.

Blood-soaked and boasting the over-the-top action scenes for which Tjahjanto is renowned, The Big Four entered Netflix’s Top 10 in 53 countries, including Argentina, Mexico, Finland and Spain.

In the United States, a notoriously hard-to-break market, it ranked fifth after making its debut on December 15.

Courtesy : Al Jazeera

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