Prices of several other goods and services have increased

The All Ceylon Small and Medium Scale Industrialists Association states that the water bills of small and medium scale industrialists have increased by 200% to 250%.
Due to this, the price of all chemicals prepared using water will be doubled and the price of fruit drinks and yogurt drinks will be increased by 50%, said Mr. Niruksha Kumara, the president of the association.
In addition, he mentioned that the prices charged for vehicle servicing will be increased by 50% to 100%.

He said that the industrialists are extremely helpless due to the increase in the electricity bill last month.
The chairman mentioned that the businessmen who received a water bill of 7,000 rupees last month have received a water bill of 15,000 rupees and the industrialists who received a water bill of 12,000 rupees are receiving huge water bills in the form of a water bill of 25,000 rupees.

He said that even though the authorities mentioned that the water bill and the electricity bill will be increased by a small amount, the consumers and industrialists are receiving huge water bills, so the gove ment should pay attention to this and take necessary measures to provide relief to the industrialists and domestic consumers.