Marine Resources Protection Week will start from today

Today (17) is Inte ational Beach Cleanup Day.
At the same time, the Marine Environment Protection Authority stated that the Marine Resources Protection Week will start from today (17).
Under this, the Maritime Environmental Protection Authority stated that around 200 cleanup programs are being implemented in the identified coastal areas and lagoons covering all 14 coastal districts.

The main program here is going to be held at Vaikkala, Sindanthriya Beach.
Sri Lanka is an island blessed with a beautiful marine and coastal environment.
Because of this, the country has been able to attract tourists from all over the world.

But the unfortunate situation regarding the marine and coastal environment is that this ecosystem is getting polluted day by day due to various human activities.
Due to this, it will continue to have negative effects not only on industries such as fishing and tourism, but also on the entire human community including marine life.

The main body responsible for protecting this marine and coastal environment from pollution is the Marine Environment Protection Authority.
The fire on the Express Pearl ship had a great impact on the coastal system of Sri Lanka, said its former General Manager, Professor of Oceanology at Ruhunu University, Mr. Tu i Pradeep.