ADVERSE WEATHER: A warning to be aware of a flood situation

The Department of Irrigation requests people to be careful as the Kalu Ganga reaches the overflow level in Ratnapura and its surrounding areas. 

Speaking to the media, the Director of Hydrology and Disaster Management Division of the Irrigation Department, Engineer SPC Sugeeshwara said that if there is heavy rain, there may be a flood situation. 
He said that the flood situation in the upper areas of Ratnapura and its surrounding areas has reduced to a great extent. 
The Director stated that the residents of Pelmadulla, Ratnapura, Kuruvita, and Alapata Divisional Secretariat Divisions and those traveling through those areas should be more aware of the flood levels. 
He said that the flood situation reported in the upper reaches of the Nilwala River has subsided, however, the inundation of low-lying areas in Malimbada, Thihagoda, and Matara Divisional Secretariats remains unchanged. 
Residents around Nilwala River are wa ed to be aware of possible flooding due to rising water levels in case of significant rainfall.