The world under the theme "Open Doors" (PHOTOS)

A collection of photographs sent to the BBC by readers around the world under the theme 'Open Doors'.

Rachael Blakey: 'An open door at an abandoned house in New Brunswick, Canada.'
Old home with open door and windows

Tricia Ryan: 'This is Magic the beagle checking the weather before deciding whether to consent to going for a walk on a so-so day in chilly Dorset in November. I love this photo of her heading from the dark to the light.'
Dog looking through a hole in a door

Harald Loeffler: 'Family members going up for their first skydiving adventure lea ed that doors just get in the way of a successful exit, and that at least one was superfluous.'
Waiting to take off

Robert Ho er: 'A pair of open doors within a pair of closed doors, Malaga, Spain.'
People entering a church

Elizabeth Roach: 'Louisbourg National Historic Site, Nova Scotia. The charming 'garden keeper' enjoying a few moments of knitting and quiet before a shipload of tourists descended.'
Woman knitting

Lindsey Rolfe: 'On Sunday night all the machines were empty and the doors were open in a launderette in San Francisco.'
Washing machines

Olga Arune: 'Let me in!'
Cat in a doorway

Kristine Zlamete: 'Dramatic entrance to the forest in Latvia.'
Doors in a woodland

Jennie Meakin: 'Shake it off. Down the old windy streets of Bari, you can happen on someone mid-house clean. Suddenly a brush popped out the door, and back in almost as quickly.'
A broom being shaken off outside a door

Jane Thakker: 'An unexpected door in the grounds of a hotel in the Suusamyr Valley in Kyrgyzstan.'
Man walking through door in a field

Kevin Munt took this picture by the coast.
Legs in a beach hut

Tim Rishton: 'Opening the door to let the lambs out after the winter's snow; competition to be first out is intense.'


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