The latest situation regarding the removal of 'Gothagogama' unauthorized construction

Sri Lanka's Atto ey General on Friday (5) made a pledge to the country's Appeal Court that the illegal camps set up at the GotaGoGama protest site in Galle Face will NOT be removed in the absence of the necessary legal provisions until the 10th of August. 

Additional Deputy Solicitor General Sumathi Dharmawardena appearing for the Atto ey General told the Appeal Court that the Inspector General of Police will issued with immediate advice on the matter. 
However, the court said that was nothing obstructing the respondents from initiating the preliminary steps with regard to the removal of the camp during the said interim period. 
The Appeal Court also noted that Atto ey General's undertaking will not be an obstruction towards anyone that is voluntarily vacating the protest premises. 
Applications filed with the Supreme Court challenging the Police Order on vacating the protest camp before 5 PM today, was taken up at the Supreme Court.