01 December 2022
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Binara full moon Poya is today

Binara full moon poya has been applied today (10).
The beginning of Meheni Sasne took place on Binara Pun Pohoya.
Due to this, Binara Pohoya also becomes an extremely important Pohoya day for the devout Buddhists.

On the day of Binara Pohoya, Maha Prajapati Gotamiya opened the doors of Sasun to the women after Ananda Thero's powerful efforts explained the facts.
The Buddha said that if you want to be ordained, you should accept the eight precepts, and by accepting it, Maha Prajapati Gotami was able to receive ordination and upasampada right away.
After Lord Buddha preached the Dhamma to Paswaga monks and lived in Isipatanarama in Varanasi during his first Vassana period after enlightenment.

Buddhist history testifies that the birth of Maha Sangha Ratna and the beginning of Dharma propagation took place during this period.
Binara Pohaya Day is important for all Sri Lankans, Tapasu, Bhalluka traders, the construction of Girihada shrine where Buddha's hair relics are buried and the construction of Seruvavila maha shrine where Buddha's Lalata relics are buried and annual devotions are held there.