Clarification on exit tax is issued

As reported by some media organizations and social media, the Civil Aviation Authority says that a new embarkation levy of US$ 60 has not been imposed.

The Presidential Media Division announces that the Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority stated that the current gove ment has not imposed the embarkation tax of US$60 as a new tax.

The Presidential Media Division stated that this tax already exists and is included in the normal air fare.
However, according to the gazette announcement issued by President Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Minister of Finance, any airline departing from Mattala Rajapaksa Inte ational Airport in Sri Lanka has been exempted from paying this tax for two years of operations.

Passengers will also get a 50% discount on shipping charges (USD 30) if departing from Ratmalana Colombo Inte ational Airport or Jaffna Inte ational Airport, it said.
If one exits the country through another exit point, they will have to pay the standard embarkation tax of USD 60.


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