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14 June 2024

Missing Children in Amazon Founded (PHOTOS)

Four Colombian children who were missing for six weeks alone in the Amazon jungle after a plane crash have been found alive – and malnourished but otherwise healthy.

The Light Aircraft that they were carrying crashed on 1st of May.

Four indigenous children (pictured) who went missing for six weeks in the Colombian Amazon jungle after a plane crash have been found alive

The children had been missing for more than a month, sparking a massive search operation to find them

The siblings, aged one, four, nine and 13, had been travelling in a light aircraft on May 1 when it crashed

There were no signs of the youngsters when the aircraft

A picture released by the Colombian army showed a footprint found in the forest in a rural area of the municipality of Solano, Caqueta, in southeaste  Colombia

A baby

Scissors and a hair tie could be seen among branches on the jungle floor

More than 100 soldiers with sniffer dogs walked through the jungle in the south of Colombia searching for the missing children

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