The 'naked' warrior who captured India for the British

There is one warrior in ancient paintings that tells about the surrender of India to the British.

It is special that he is naked in those paintings.

And in the historical stories, he has been named as a dangerous commander.

This is because he leads a private army armed with cannons to the battlefield.

He is known as Anupgiri Gosain.

Not only that, he is also famous as one of the sacred holy men in India dedicated to Lord Shiva.

It is also said that his image is seen in the world's largest religious festival, the Kumbh Mela.

And many books have mentioned about his military achievements.

> In the battle of Panipat (1761) he fought on the side of the Mughal Emperor and the Afghans against the Marathas.
> Three years later he was present with the Mughal forces at the Battle of Buxar against the British.
> Anupgiri also played a key role in the rise of Najaf Khan in Delhi.
> Later he had defected to the Marathas and joined the British.
> At the end of his life (1803), he defeated the Marathas at the hands of the British.
> And it was he who helped the British capture Delhi.

(Vimarshana Samarakoon @ COLOMBO TIMES)


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