Titanic director comments on Titan (VIDEO)

James Cameron, the director of the Titanic movie, is a person who dived 33 times among the wreckage of the Titanic.

He had expressed his views to the media about the unfortunate incident of the submarine Titan.

James Cameron

Accordingly, he was on a trip on another ship when the submarine disappeared last Sunday.

It is reported that after hearing the news about the submarine incident, he investigated it.

James Cameron on Titan submersible deaths:

James had also said that he thought that something disastrous must have happened as soon as he found out that the communications between the submarine and the ship had broken down.

And Cameron went on to say that many people expressed different opinions about the sounds from the ocean and the depletion of oxygen.

But he said that he found it a terrible joke to talk about those views.

James Cameron says Titanic sub wa ings

He added that he had a guess as to where the submarine had stopped.

And Cameron had said that he finally found the submarine in the same place as he had guessed.

Accordingly, he expressed with ABC news service that he is sorry for all of them.

BuzzFeed on Twitter: "On Thursday, the Titanic director appeared on a live  ABC News broadcast to address the Titan submersible "tragedy."  https://t.co/JweOS0CcIL" / Twitter

In addition to this, he mentioned that the fate of the Titanic submarine also met with the same fate as the Titanic.

He mentioned that OceanGate has received letters stating that the plane will not carry passengers due to the fact that it is still under testing.

In this way, danger signals were issued about the icebergs in front of the Titanic, but the captain had driven the ship fast despite it.

Titanic wreck hit by submarine but US

He mentioned that both these accidents resulted in the death of the passengers.

Commenting further, he said that both these incidents are two amazing tragedies.

(Vimarshana Samarakoon @ COLOMBO TIMES)


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