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17 April 2024

Watch a film through the eyes of a MOUSE (VIDEO)

Have you ever had the opportunity to describe a television program you watched to someone?

If you had such an opportunity, what would that opportunity be like?

You may not have been able to describe all the details of the television program you watched.

But what you are doing here is thinking about the program you watched and describing it.

In an example video (top), the mouse can be seen watching a 1960s, black and white movie clip of a man running to a car who opens the trunk. A separate screen (bottom) shows what CEBRA thinks the mouse is looking at, which is a near identical video, albeit a bit more glitchy

What would it be like if an animal did this process?

A group of researchers who conducted experiment in this regard have prepared a program using artificial intelligence.

This program detects the signals emitted by the brain.

The Algorithm is called CEBRA, which maps neural activity to specific frames in the video.

A team from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) developed an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can interpret the rodents

In this regard, it is special to use a rat for the test conducted by the experiment.

There, the rat used for the experiment was given a movie to watch, and the frames were recreated based on that.

(Vimarshana Samarakoon @ COLOMBO TIMES)


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