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24 May 2024

A decision to reconsider the increase in casino license fees

The gove ment is preparing to reconsider the decision taken to increase the license fees charged for businessmen who invest in the casino business in Sri Lanka.

The new license fee for applicants investing $250 million in casino business and the fee for renewing the existing license was increased to ten billion rupees from January 12, from the existing fee of 500 million rupees.

The new license fee for applicants investing $500 million was also revised to five billion rupees.

For operators licensed before January 01, 2023, the fees were revised to Rs.500 million for the first five years and Rs.1 billion and 500 million for the next fifteen years.

The excise license fees were also revised and President Ranil Wickramasinghe has already instructed the President's Secretary Mr. Saman Ekanayake to revise the gazette notification issued by revising the fees considering the problems that have arisen for some parties.

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