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14 June 2024

A feather was sold for $28,417

New Zealand Huia Bird's single feather has been sold for NZD$46,521.50 ($28,417, £22,409) at an auction, last Monday (21), making it the most expensive feather in the world.

The feather is framed behind UV-protective glass and placed on archival paper to ensure its durability.

The Huia bird is now extinct and its last confirmed sighting was in 1907.

The huia bird was a small songbird of the wattlebird family and was sacred to the Māori, a member of the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand. Huia feathers were often seen wo as headpieces by Maori chiefs and their families.

Huia feathers also were gifted or traded among Maori people.

Why did male and female huia have different beaks? | Te Papa

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