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14 June 2024

A mountain lion steals the show in Hollywood

Hollywood is always a place that makes headlines, but this time in a whole new way.

There have been several sightings of a mountain lion in Hollywood over the past week.

One footage was captured on a security camera and another was filmed from a car.

These giant cats are native to Califo ia. To see one in Los Angeles is a quite rare incident.

“We don’t know where this cat came from, he’s not collared. The intrigue is to see if the new cat will stick around, and whether it can survive city life' Beth Pratt, the Califo ia Director of the National Wildlife Federation said.

Hollywood has a history of being home to a Puma called P-022, Puma 22, or Hollywood Cat for a decade until it was euthanized in 2022.

Puma 22 became an inte ational sensation after his photograph in front of the Hollywood sign at night appeared in National Geographic.


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