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28 May 2024

'No water or oxygen left in Al-Shifa' – Hospital Director

Gaza's main hospital, besieged by Israeli soldiers, is running out of oxygen and water and its director says patients are crying out for thirst.

With more than 650 patients, 500 medical staff and 5,000 displaced people, the situation at Al-Shifa Hospital is tragic, says director Muhammad Abu Zalmia.

He claims Israeli tanks surrounded the hospital in Gaza City, drones buzzed overhead and Israeli soldiers were still moving around inside the hospital, their operation continuing for a second day.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army said that its operation against Hamas is being carried out in a prudent, methodical and thorough manner.

Since the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched the raid on Al-Shifa Hospital early Wednesday (15), they have released several photos and videos of what they say are weapons and equipment belonging to Hamas.

And the director of Al-Shifa hospital says that Israeli forces have blown up the main water line in Al-Shifa.

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