Biden and Trump Clash in High-Stakes First Debate of 2024 Election

US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are participating in their first televised 90-minute debate of the 2024 election on CNN.

They did not shake hands as they took the stage.

The debate features muted microphones to prevent interruptions.

A coin flip decided that Trump would have the final statement, with Biden standing on the right.

This marks their second presidential contest after Trump lost in 2020.

The debate is held in Atlanta, Georgia, a crucial battleground state.

During the debate, Biden referenced Trump's recent criminal conviction in New York and criticized his morals, particularly in relation to allegations involving Stormy Daniels.

Trump defended himself, promising to make the US successful again and highlighting Hunter Biden's criminal conviction, suggesting President Biden should also be convicted for his actions.

Biden called Trump's comparison of their conduct 'outrageous.'

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