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17 April 2024

BUDGET TIMES 2024 | Steps to increase salaries of government employees

From April 2024, gove ment employees' salary has been increased by 10,000.

It has also been proposed in this year's budget to increase the gove ment employee pension by 2,500.

Gove ment employees have not received a salary increase after 2015. Therefore, it is proposed to provide relief to gove ment employees.

From January 2024, the living expense allowance will be increased by 10,000 rupees. This increase will be added to the salary from April.

In addition, this year's budget has proposed to increase the percentage deducted from the salary to eight percent for the contribution to the widow's and orphans' pension.

In the meantime, the President also mentioned that disaster loans will be provided to all gove ment employees as before.

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