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14 June 2024

Binara Pun Poho day is today

Today (29) is the day of Binara Pun Poho, where many religious events took place.

This is also considered as the intermediate season of the rainy season.
The order of Bhikkhuni Sasanaya also started on Binara Pun Poya day.
It is also special that 500 women, including Maha Prajapati Gotami, joined Buddha Sasuna on the day of Binara Poya, giving ordination to women.

It is also on this day that Ananda Thero asked Ashta Garuda Dharma and explained it to Maha Prajapati gotami Devi and then pledged to protect the Bhikkhuni Sasana.
Also, the annual procession of Seruvila Mangala Maha Saye, where the relics of Buddha's forehead are deposited, and the annual procession of Girihaddu Saye, where Buddha's Kesha relics are placed and Tapassa Bhalluka Debeya, is built, is also held in Binara Poho day.

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