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14 June 2024

BUDGET TIMES 2024 | Credit facilities to small and medium enterprises

Presenting the budget speech, President Ranil Wickramasinghe conveyed that the small and medium scale enterprises are facing a huge crisis.

Accordingly, the President mentioned that to give courage to the small and medium enterprises, he will get the support of the Asia Development Bank and provide credit facilities of 30 billion rupees.

Also, in the year 2024, about 50,000 families will be given home ownership in Colombo and land and housing rights will be fully given to the people and according to this system, about seventy percent of the population of this country will become land and home owners, Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe said in his budget speech.

Also, the President mentioned that urban housing rights have been given to the rental base for low-income ea ers and that the rent collection from these families will be completely stopped and they will be given full ownership of those houses.

According to that, our villages will be given to the private ownership of the farmers and 20 lakh families will get property through this, so an amount of 2 billion rupees will be allocated for this purpose in this year's budget.

In the meantime, the President mentioned that land rights will be given for the construction of plantation houses and an amount of 4 billion will be allocated as a preliminary step.


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