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24 May 2024

Green light on lifting ICC cricket ban

Sports Minister Harin Fe ando says that the Inte ational Cricket Council (ICC) ban on Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) will be lifted before February 15.

The minister expressed confidence that the ICC ban will be lifted after a productive discussion with ICC CEO Geoff Allardice, who also met President Ranil Wickremesinghe during his visit to Sri Lanka.

The minister also said that the ICC delegation was satisfied with the discussions held in Colombo recently, and before their departure they gave a green light to lift the ban on Sri Lanka.

The minister said that the ICC delegation was aware of Sri Lanka's sports constitution and requested that the regulations be amended to match the ICC code of conduct.

The minister further mentioned that President Wickremesinghe has also expressed his wish to amend the current sports constitution.

The minister expressed these views at a press conference held at the Colombo Tourism Ministry.

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