North Korea Criticizes Joint Military Exercise of US, South Korea, and Japan - Labels as-Asian NATO

Pyongyang has sharply criticized a recent joint military exercise conducted by the United States, South Korea, and Japan, asserting that such drills exemplify the evolving alliance among the three nations as an 'Asian version of NATO.' North Korea's state media reported on Monday that these military activities signal a deepening trilateral relationship, perceived by Pyongyang as a threat to regional stability.

In a statement released by state media, North Korea condemned the exercises as a demonstration of hostile intent, wa ing that such actions could lead to heightened tensions and an arms race in East Asia.

'Their joint military actions show that their military collusion has reached an extremely dangerous level, creating the Asian version of NATO,' the statement read.

Pyongyang's comparison to NATO reflects its apprehension that the U.S., South Korea, and Japan are forming a powerful military bloc aimed at containing its influence and security interests.

Despite inte ational calls for dialogue, North Korea has continued to bolster its military capabilities, including advancements in its missile and nuclear programs. The regime's latest condemnation underscores the fragile security dynamics in the region and the challenges faced in achieving lasting peace and stability.

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