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24 May 2024

BUDGET TIMES 2024 | Projects stopped due to the economic crisis are being resumed

Presenting the budget speech, the President mentioned that an additional allocation of 55 billion will be used to restart the projects that were stopped due to the economic crisis.

There, ten billion rupees have been allocated for the improvement of public facilities in the hilly areas.

Also, arrangements have been made to allocate ten billion rupees for the maintenance of dilapidated rural roads which have not been properly maintained in the last few years.

Meanwhile, the President also mentioned that two billion rupees will be allocated for the maintenance of bridges and roads damaged by natural disasters.

Also, money has been allocated from the budget for the agriculture mode ization project for crop diversification.

Accordingly, the President mentioned that he will work to increase the production of paddy and 2,500 million rupees will be allocated for it.

Also, 3 lakh acres are to be allocated for large-scale agricultural activities.

The President also mentioned that two hundred million rupees will be allocated for the development of freshwater fishing industry.

It has been proposed to implement a counter-finance loan scheme to bring dairy farming production to a profitable state.

Accordingly, the President also stated that the gove ment's aim is to increase the daily milk production to twenty million liters per day.


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