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17 April 2024

Former president’s grandson, Jason Carter says he has no hope for his grandfathers life.

Jimmy Carter (99), the 39th president of US has been in hospice care for over a year now.

His grandson Jason Carter has revealed former president’s health condition in a latest interview.

“After a year in hospice, on a daily basis, we have no expectations for his body. But we know that his spirit is as strong as ever”, Jason said.

Jason Carter further explained that his grandfather lived to see both his life and this world transformed in numerous ways. But he always maintained his timeless principles: Faith; respect for human dignity; equality; human rights; and the commandment that above all else you should love your neighbor as yourself.

Last year, on the 1st of October the former president received almost 20,000 birthday wishes from around the world and that made him cry.

Jimmy Carter holds the record of the longest-lived president and the oldest living former U.S. president in the U.S. history.


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