25 March 2023
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Is your job at risk because of AI?

AI technology has become integrated into our daily lives in ways that no one imagined.

It can be said that it consists of every technology that we use till now.

Due to this, there is a very problematic situation regarding the security of our jobs in the future.

Although the story of robots taking over the world is not true, the day when AI technology will take over some jobs and industries is not far off.

Accordingly, scholars have stated that AI technology will surpass human labor and create hundreds of jobs.

Accordingly, they state that the creation of robots should be slowed down by showing the ability of AI technology to do the job better than humans.

Otherwise, businesses will use AI robots instead of people for jobs, and experts say that a situation where people will not even be able to find jobs will definitely happen.

Accordingly, they have mentioned 12 jobs that will be lost.

Those jobs are.,

1. Customer service executives
2. Bookkeeping and data entry
3. Receptionists
4. Proofreading
5. Manufacturing and pharmaceutical work
6. Retail services
7. Courier services
8. Doctors
9. Soldiers
10. Taxi and bus drivers
11. Market research analysts
12. Security guards

Apart from this, they have also presented a list of non-threatening jobs.

Those jobs are.,

1. CEO’s
2. Religious leaders
3. Editors
4. Event planners
5. Graphic Designers
6. Lawyers
7. Marketing Managers
8. Scientists
9. Writers
10. Psychiatrists
11. Software developers and engineers
12. Public Relations Managers

(Vimarshana Samarakoon @ COLOMBO TIMES)

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