01 December 2022
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A request to MPs holding dual citizenship to resign immediately

Members of Parliament with dual citizenship have been requested to resign immediately.

The registrar of the Asgiri Venerable Medagama Dhammananda Thero stated that after the enactment of the 22nd Constitutional Amendment, those with dual citizenship will not be allowed to hold the position of MP.

Speaking to the media in Kandy, Dhammananda Thero stated that MPs with dual citizenship should disclose such information to the public and immediately resign from Parliament.
Venerable Medagama Dhammananda Thero expressed his appreciation for the adoption of the new constitutional amendment, which fulfilled the Maha Sangharatne's wish to free Parliament from dual citizenship.

Dhammananda Thero also mentioned that dual citizens should not be allowed to hold high positions in the gove ment that can influence the economic and political process of the country.
Dhammananda Thero said that it is problematic to allow people with dual citizenship to make decisions that affect the citizens of Sri Lanka.