A request to nominate another animal in place of the national animal

A proposal has been submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Wildlife to remove the Giant Squirrel, which has been designated as the national animal, from the list. 

Several farmers' organizations have submitted the proposal and pointed out that the designation of the Giant Squirrel as the national animal is an obstacle to taking action against the animal as it occupies a leading position among the animals that damage the crops. 
According to that, they have requested to nominate another suitable animal that is under threat of extinction native to Sri Lanka as the national animal, said the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera. 
The minister mentioned that he will discuss this with the parties including the National Heritage Naming Committee. 
Accordingly, Minister Mahinda Amarawira stated that the names of several other suitable animals have already been submitted as a national animal, and among them is the tiger. 
He also mentioned that the damage of the Giant Squirrel has seriously affected the yield of coconut and cocoa plantations.