A notification about the functioning of government agencies

It has been informed to limit further gove ment expenditure.
It is in the face of the current economic crisis.
Accordingly, it is stated that a special circular in this regard has also been issued.
The gove ment has informed the secretaries of the ministries to strictly follow the instructions given by the treasury regarding the limitation of expenditure.

Accordingly, it has been decided to suspend the renting of new buildings for gove ment offices or the entering into of new rental or lease agreements until further notice and it is also stated that the approval of the Treasury must be obtained before extending the existing agreements for obtaining vehicles for gove ment purposes.
It has also been informed to reduce the use of paper as much as possible and to carry out the necessary activities through electronic communication tools.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs says that the circular related to restricting the calling of non-essential gove ment employees to offices is valid until the 24th of this month.
The ministry said that due to transportation problems, the relevant circular has been issued for a period of one month to be effective from last July 24th.

Accordingly, only the personnel required to maintain essential public services and for duties that cannot be performed online will be called to the offices.
However, according to the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs, the head of the institution has the ability to make a final decision on the employees called to the office.

Since the shortage of fuel in the country has almost disappeared, the heads of the institutions have been given the necessary instructions to call the necessary officials to the institutions to run the affairs of the gove ment institutions without any hindrance.