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24 May 2024

AI-generated images of Met Gala's looks deceived internet users around the world

Met Gala is an iconic fashion event that happens every year.

Fans around the world were so excited to see how their favorite celebrities rock the 2024 Met Gala carpet with their astonishing styles & attires.

“Garden of Times” themed Met Gala’s invitees' stunning looks flooded the inte et.  

Meanwhile, AI-generated images of Katy Perry were uploaded to X. 

In one picture, the singer is in a large floral dress and it received over 15.5 million views and 314,000 likes.

However, Katy Perry in the image has a missing arm. She’s not on the right carpet for this year’s theme either.

Later Katy Perry reposted both posts on X, and on Instagram with the caption “couldn’t make it to the MET, had to work.”

Fake image of Rihanna also has gone viral on X.

But the Fenty Beauty owner had to skip the Met because she was suffering from flu.

Here are the doctored images of the singers.

Social Media Users are Fooled by AI Photos of Met Gala | PetaPixel


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