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25 February 2024

PHOTOS | 'Ghost Town' to be built by China in Malaysia

Country Garden, China's largest real estate developer, unveiled a mega-project called Forest City in 2016.

To be built in Malaysia, the plan was an eco-friendly metropolis with a golf course, water park, offices, bars and restaurants.

The company said it caters to nearly a million people in the city.

Foreign media reported that 15% of the city plan has been completed so far.

This is called a dream paradise for all mankind but here it happens that a person from another country owns a house in Malaysia.

The housing project is being built near the city of Johor Bahru, and locals have started calling it a 'ghost town'.

Foreign media reported that the reason for this is the scary nature of the construction area.

Inside Forest City, a $100 Billion
The ghost town of Forest City | MalaysiaNow

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