01 December 2022
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The "National Assembly" meets for the first time today

The newly established parliamentary committee called 'National Assembly' is scheduled to meet today (29) for the first time.
Today at 10.30 am, the assembly is scheduled to meet in the parliament, where the basic matters of the national assembly are to be discussed.
However, Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, said that he will not participate in the National Assembly scheduled to be held today.

He said that he could not attend the National Assembly as he was scheduled to attend several other public meetings today.
Also, the parties representing the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the National People's Power, the Tamil National Alliance, the Uththara  Lanka Coalition and Mr. Dallas Alahapperuma's party had previously informed that they would not participate in the National Assembly.
Meanwhile, its leader, Member of Parliament Mr. Mano Ganesan, said that the Tamil Progressive Alliance will participate in the National Assembly being held today.

On the 20th, Parliament approved the proposal to establish the National Assembly with the aim of finding solutions to the country's economic and political problems.
The assembly, presided over by the Speaker, includes the Prime Minister, the Leader of the House, the Leader of the Opposition, the Chief Organizer of the ruling party, the Chief Organizer of the Opposition and members representing the political parties in the Parliament, including a number of members not exceeding 35.