01 December 2022
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Today is Nikini full moon Poya Day

Today is Nikini full moon poya day.
Nikini Poya Day can be known as a special Poya day for the Buddhist people.
Many special events in Buddhist history have happened on Nikini Poya day.

With the patronage of King Ajasatta, the first Dharma Sanghayana was started on the day of Nikini Poya in a beautiful pavilion built in front of the Saptapa i cave on Rajagahanuwara Vehara rock, headed by Maha Kasyapa Maha Rahat, with the participation of five hundred Maharahats including Ananda, Anuruddha and Upali.
Upasampada monks, who could not enter the temple according to the rules, will enter the temple on the day of Nikini Poya.

It was during Nikini Poya that the Buddha's relics were treasured and the construction of Seruvavila Dagaba.